Being built together in Christ includes aligning the attention of our minds and the affection of our hearts with the mind and heart of Jesus. That comes through knowing truth from His Word. While we should spend time in the Bible on our own, we value growing together in community with one another.

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Discipleship Explored helps followers of Jesus further grasp the greatest love anyone can ever know. This eight-session journey through Paul’s letter to the Philippians is ideal for believers at any stage of the Christian life. Students and Adults, although separately, will be going through the same study which has its own handbook for you to use each week.


Our Women's Bible Study has concluded for the Fall and Winter, but will restart in the Spring. 


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A Bible study for regular guys. Wednesday nights during the fall and spring beginning at 6:30PM at the church building, we work together through different books of the Bible. No prior preparation is needed. The goal is to explore God's Word together that we, as men, might be challenged and changed to be more like Jesus in our families, friendships, and community.

During the spring, we will be exploring the most familiar, yet most misunderstood words, concepts, and phrases of our faith. We will dig into the Bible to find out what some of these imporant words and concepts actually mean. You don't want to miss this!

April 10 - Apologetics
April 17 - Stronghold
April 24 - Revival
May 1 - Worship
May 8 - Calvinism

Small Groups

Small Groups meet throughout the week and are are the primary way that we connect together in community. In these groups, sometimes we use the preaching passage as our jumping off point for discussion and prayer. Other times, groups choose to study other books of the Bible or biblical themes. The point is to grow together in God's Word to become more like Jesus. 

We have groups that are glad to welcome you! To find a group that would be a great fit for you, drop us an email